NEW: COVIDform bulk-send feature

A big thank you to everyone who has called us about COVIDform, and are actively using this module for patient screening! We hope that it’s been a wonderful upgrade to your Paradigm Clinical software and that you’ve been enjoying its functions so far. We strive to continually improve this module to better serve your office during these pandemic times.

As we all brace ourselves for the second wave of COVID-19, we’ve added another feature to COVIDform to make the screening process even more hassle-free. More details below:

Bulk-send with COVIDform and My Contact Pro

Previously, you had to send out COVIDform to individual patients one-by-one. While the auto-indicators help you keep track of who received their forms, we recognized that it can still be time-consuming to manage. To help you save more time, you can now set a schedule to bulk-send to patients scheduled to come in!

With My Contact Pro, you can pull a list of upcoming appointments to schedule screening forms to be sent out to patients. Simply click on ‘COVID Pre-screen’, ‘COVID In-person’ or ‘Consent’ to bring up the corresponding dialogue box like below. You can then set when the forms will be sent out in relation to the patients’ appointment day.

This new bulk-send feature for screening forms will be available for all offices with COVIDform, My Contact Pro and 2-Way SMS installed.

If you have questions about COVIDform or wanted to get started on using it for FREE*, contact us today! Give our office a call at (905) 946-1477 ext. 232 or email us at

We look forward to hearing from you.

*COVIDform will be free to use until December 31, 2020. Extra charges apply if the office continues using it beyond this date. For more details on how COVIDform works, click here.