COVIDform: the details you want to know!

[UPDATED 20 October, 2020]

Since our last post about COVIDform, we’ve received an overwhelming amount of interest and we wanted to thank you for your support!

We also wanted to answer the most asked questions about how it works and how to get it. Keep reading to find out more about COVIDform:


What does COVIDform do and how does it work?

COVIDform allows you to send screening forms via SMS to your patients before their appointment and on the day of their appointment. You can also send consent forms for receiving treatment at your office. This is easily done by clicking any of the options below inside the ‘Modify Contact’ window from the appointment book:


How do I know if the forms were sent out?

Every form sent to a patient will be automatically marked on the top left corner of their appointment slot:

I: In-person screening
C: Consent form


Patients receive an SMS with the link to the form you sent. Once they answer the questions and save their responses, Paradigm will automatically update their status in the appointment book, and is indicated with @ in front of the corresponding form.
e.g.  @P Mr. Sandro Logictech  indicates that the Pre-screening form was completed.

These features will make your patient-screening effortless. You won’t need to keep track of who you sent forms to, as COVIDform will keep track for you.


How do I check the patient’s responses?

Once your patient completes the screening process, you can view their responses in a PDF file. This can be found by clicking ‘Screening Status’:

A window will pop up to show you the progress of all the forms that have been sent:

  • reply received‘ : indicates the patient has received the form
  • View Reply‘ : clicking this link will bring up the PDF of the patient’s responses
    **This option will appear once the patient completes and saves their form**


How do I know if a patient is at risk of COVID-19?

If your patient indicates ‘yes’ on any of the screening questions, Paradigm will automatically show ‘COVID‘ on the top left corner of the appointment so you can immediately know that they are at risk.


The following message will also show in the Progress pop-up box when you check the screening status of the patient:


Can you send more than one screening form at once?

To help you save more time, you can now set a schedule to bulk-send to patients with an upcoming appointment!

With My Contact Pro, you can pull a list of upcoming appointments to schedule screening forms to be sent out to patients. Simply click on ‘COVID Pre-screen’, ‘COVID In-person’ or ‘Consent’ to bring up the corresponding dialogue box like below. You can then set when the forms will be sent out in relation to the patients’ appointment day.


How do I get COVIDform for my Paradigm software?

You will need My Contact Pro and 2-Way SMS installed in order for COVIDform to be compatible with your Paradigm software. If you are interested in learning more about the packages we offer, contact us today!


How much will it cost?

COVIDform is currently FREE for eligible* offices until December 31, 2020. There will be an additional monthly fee if your office chooses to continue using the service after this date.

*offices with My Contact Pro and 2-Way SMS


How do I get support for COVIDform?

Any questions or issues regarding COVIDform will be resolved through the Forum Support. Simply submit your inquiries to and quickly receive answers and solutions from our Intelliform Support team.

**Please note that any questions regarding COVIDform will not be supported by our regular telephone support as it is a separate service supported by forum**


We know that with the added sanitization procedures, every minute that can be freed up makes a difference. The goal of COVIDform is to help streamline your patient screening process by going paperless, so that you spend less time dealing with paper and more time with your patients. If you would like to get started with using COVIDform, contact us today!