Dental Practice Tips: How to Take Advantage of Treatment Reports to Increase Patient Loyalty

Paradigm Clinical dental management software treatment reports

One of the countless features of the Paradigm Clinical dental practice management software is that it can run treatment reports.

These treatment reports provide important information such as the number of patients who did not get dental work done, doctor fees, the sum of fees in dollars, as well as how much revenue was potentially lost due to appointment cancellations and no-shows. 

With an accurate picture of what is going in within your dental practice, you may then take the next steps in terms of improving it to increase patient retention and revenue. 

In addition to running treatment reports using the Paradigm Clinical dental practice management software, you can also run patient reports in order to have your dental office staff members focus on productivity. 

For instance, when a patient report is run, it gives you a list of patients with no future appointments and who are simply sitting in your database. Your dental office staff members may then contact those patients and remind them of their dental insurance coverage, as well as invite them in the office for a dental visit. 

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