Our Newsletter Module is Here!

We’re ecstatic to announce that our Newsletter Module is finally here and we think you should be just as excited! Keeping up with patient communication is important to keep your clinic at the top of mind but it can take a lot of time – from planning the newsletter content to actually sitting down to write and create it.

The goal for this module is to minimize the time dental offices need to spend on sending out newsletters so that they can focus on the task on hand. With the Newsletter Module, dental offices can easily stay in touch with their patients, keep them in the loop with the happenings at the clinic, and send reminders for upcoming appointments and due recares etc. all in one spot.


Designing a newsletter from scratch can be daunting and can take up a lot of time. We wanted to help make sending out newsletters as low maintenance as possible, yet have the option of being fully customizable. In other words, the level of effort you want to put in is entirely up to you!

No effort: beautiful ready-to-go templates in our Newsletter Module can be used immediately and you can send one out in a click. The merge fields in the template will take care of personalizing the template with your Office name and recipient names.

Some effort: you may love our templates but want to change some wording of the content and colours to better fit your office’s image. All this can be easily done in the editor and your edited template can be saved for future use.

Full effort: if you’re feeling adventurous and want a completely unique template, you can start with a blank canvas. You have full control over how you want to design the template. For more advanced designs, you also have the option to tinker with the HTML or paste an entire code into the template!


The Newsletter Module is designed to be fully integrated with your Paradigm Database, meaning you’ll be able query your Paradigm database to create newsletters that target specific patients.

Example: If you want to encourage past patients to come back to the office, you can run a list on Paradigm for patients that haven’t visited in more than two years. This list can then be merged with a template in the Newsletter Module to send them a promotional offer.

You can also create templates with merge fields to personalize your communication with each patient. This is especially handy when you’re sending out appointment confirmations, as the date and time for the patient’s appointment will be imported directly into the email you’re sending.

The advantage is that your emails will always contain the most updated information from your Paradigm database at the time it is sent! On top of saving time from manually copying the details over, you’re also eliminating the possibility of human errors when doing a repetitive task.


The Newsletter Module has a library of pre-written dental articles available to use. These articles are informative and quick to read for recipients with a short attention span. This is great for offices who want to send out educational newsletters but don’t have the time to write an article.

Sending out these articles is also a breeze since you can directly insert into one of our templates and it will automatically be copied to the content section. Of course, you can also edit the articles if you want to add more content or add your own spin to it.

You won’t have to worry about running out of articles since we’ll continue to add to the library. If you have any topic suggestions, feel free to also leave them in the comments below!


Sending out your newsletter at the optimal time increases its open rates, but it can be easily missed especially if you’ve prepared the newsletter earlier on. To ensure that your newsletters and emails are sent out at your preferred times, the Newsletter Module lets you schedule your emails and forget them. You’ll find this feature your best friend if you want the emails sent out during the busiest times at your office!


We’ve developed the Newsletter Module with busy dental offices in mind, which is why its features are aimed to help you send out effective targeted marketing emails with minimal effort – but still have the option to customize every aspect of the templates as you please.

To learn more about our Newsletter Module and how It can help you improve patient communication and elevate the features of your Paradigm dental management software, contact us today at (905) 946-1477 or sales@logictechcorp.com!