Paradigm Clinical: Saving Lives With Medical Alerts

One of the most unique features of Logic Tech’s Paradigm Clinical dental management software is its medical alert capabilities. These medical alerts and indicators tell dental office staff members if a patient has any medical conditions or concerns.

In dental practice, this is very important because health and safety is on the line. This is not only relevant to the health and safety of patients, but also to the dentists and hygienists themselves.

For example, if a new patient arrives at a dental office and requires attention, the office staff members should know if the patient is healthy and does not have any contagious conditions.

With their medical conditions noted on their file, the patient will be given the best treatment possible for their current and future visit. Both the dental office and patient are satisfied thanks to the care taken in highlighting these medical conditions and concerns.

Paradigm Clinical also lets dental office staff members indicate the severity of a patient’s medical conditions and concerns. The option to have conditions pop up on the user interface is available and customizable. This is in addition to having access to a full list of conditions and their abbreviations.

Office staff members are welcome to add conditions and see the full medical history of a patient should it be required. This history shows the date of when the conditions were entered into the Paradigm Clinical system.

By tailoring dental healthcare to a patient’s needs, Paradigm Clinical users not only get to have their patients keep coming back and stay loyal to the office, but also maintain a better relationship with them.

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