My Contact Pro: SMS Marketing Module

While patient communication is important, it can take up a lot of time. As a result, it hinders the productivity of your dental office. Keeping up with patient lists is a full-time job in itself – especially if you’re contacting them one-by-one to book them for a recare or confirm their appointments. By the time these lists are updated, it leaves little time for your staff to manage other tasks. If you’re finding your workflow is getting bogged down by the amount of work needed to contact all your patients, Logic Tech’s My Contact Pro is the perfect solution for you. 

This add-on text message (SMS) marketing/communication module integrates closely with your patients in Paradigm Clinical, allowing you to manage patient communication more efficiently. Here are the features that will help you improve your workflow and boost the productivity of your office:

Working Online Lists with Integration to Paradigm

My Contact Pro gives you the flexibility to customize your mailing list through running online reports on Paradigm. This allows you to filter for patients you want to contact for specific reasons such as:

  • Appointment confirmations
  • Follow-up after a recent examination
  • Reminding patients to use insurance before it expires
  • Recare or past due recare reminders
  • Birthday/holiday messages

Since these lists are directly integrated with your Paradigm database, any interaction with the patient is updated in real-time to remove redundancies in your workflow.

Taking recare reminders as an example. Rather than having to book patients in manually when they respond, it can be as simple as a drag and drop from your list into the schedule. This also automatically removes them from your recare reminder list, eliminating the need to constantly keep track of who responded.

This feature saves many dental offices a lot of time, as they no longer have to keep a list to manually check off patients. Additionally, your staff can easily see who still needs to be followed up with. 


Templates and Automated Messages

Once you’ve generated a list, you can draft a text to send out a blast or use a template. These templates are also customizable with merge fields so that your text is more personalized for the receiver. 

My Contact Pro also gives you the ability to schedule automated messages. A great use of this feature is sending appointment confirmations. Messages can be automatically sent a certain time before a patient’s appointment (e.g. one week before). 

If you’re wondering “will new appointments be overlooked and not get sent an SMS?”, the answer is, no. My Contact Pro scans your schedule every two hours to make sure any new appointments get sent a text if they fall within the parameter (e.g. one week prior to their visit), ensuring that every patient who agreed to receive texts gets contacted.


Convenience for You and Your Patients

We care about your user experience, as well as your patients’. Patients can instantly confirm their appointments through texts sent by My Contact Pro by clicking the included link or replying ‘C’ (depending on your settings). They also have the option to add their appointment directly into their own calendar.

Once the patient confirms their appointment through text, Paradigm automatically marks the patient as confirmed. This saves you time from having to look for their appointment and do so manually. 

Offices have found this to be more effective in reducing no-shows or cancellations as patients can view reminders at their convenience. Rather than having to call back, they can confirm through text right away. Your staff can also see appointments without confirmations and follow-up and catch any cancellations early on.


SMS History Saved With Conversation View

Keeping track of your conversations with My Contact Pro makes sense. Much like on your phone, your SMS history is saved per patient in conversation view. You’ll be able to look back at previous messages to ensure the conversation flows.


Appointment Waitlist After Cancellation

Cancellations happen, but what’s important is filling that appointment slot as soon as possible to avoid lost revenue. When a patient cancels their appointment, My Contact Pro gives you the option to send out a bulk text to patients who are on the waitlist or have indicated that they would like to come sooner than their current scheduled appointment.

Of course, you don’t want to send out a bulk text to everyone on the list, in case you get multiple replies. Instead, you can choose who you want to contact e.g. a patient that needs to come in sooner but there wasn’t that availability when they booked. 

This feature is great to increase your productivity, as you don’t have to contact everyone on the waitlist individually and wait for their response before moving on. You’ll be able to quickly fill in that time slot in no time.


My Contact Pro, with its many features, cuts down the time spent on repetitive tasks by automating your patient communication process. Sending out mass texts is easy with customizable templates that can be personalized with merge fields (e.g. addressing the patient by name). Since My Contact Pro is closely integrated with Paradigm, you can schedule texts to be sent to specific lists, which then gets updated as appointments are booked or confirmed.

If you want to reclaim your office productivity, contact us at (905) 946-1477 or today to schedule a demo!