Data Security & Cloud Backup

Data Security & Cloud Backup

Paradigm Clinical is equipped with a cutting-edge security manager and fully encrypted database that protects your patient’s private information on all fronts. This is in compliance with the Ontario’s Personal Health Information and Protection Act and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. Furthermore, the encryption of digital and electronic records has been specifically referred to as a technical safeguard by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario and it is generally understood that such safeguards should be adopted.

Created to be proactive and not simply reactive, Paradigm Clinical also helps prevent fraud and even detect anomalies in the system. As part of its internal control, Paradigm Clinical has an audit log of which patient’s information was retrieved, reviewed, and searched within the system. This continues to ensure the protection of personal information, as well as the integrity and accountability of your dental office staff members.


Since data security and integrity are two of the highest priorities for any dental practitioner and their office, Paradigm Clinical also has a fully automated cloud backup service. This cloud service is capable of backing up data during dental office after-hours, which prevents data loss, backlogs of extra work, and large recovery costs.

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Our objective is to always utilize cutting-edge technology to provide all dentists with the tools to both manage and market their practice efficiently and successfully. We look to embrace those new technologies and incorporate them within our Paradigm Clinical software.

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Paradigm Clinical offers a paperless office, clinical solutions, seamless integration, patient communication and data security.

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