Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement

Paradigm Clinical’s patient engagement platform (IntelliReach) such as My Contact Pro (SMS), newsletter, email, and reviews and surveys modules are the latest innovations designed to increase patient engagement. These modules provide a convenient, flexible, and personal way to communicate with patients. Importantly, the purpose of IntelliReach is to automate time consuming tasks so that resources can be allocated to providing high quality patient care.

My Contact Pro is an add-on text message (SMS) marketing and communication tool that integrates closely with your patients in Paradigm Clinical. It builds on the flexible two-way SMS system and allows messages to be sent to many patients at the same time.


It is designed as a communication tool that can be used by your office staff to send messages to patients and notify them of appointment availability, which then helps you quickly fill gaps in the appointment book. These automatic reminders will reduce no-shows and cancellations.


My Contact Pro will send SMS messages in batches or individually on demand. It has several types of customizable messages tailored for patients. These include patients with recare appointments, on treatment plans, on the waiting list, and for those who are booked, but would like an earlier appointment time.


Patients who receive SMS message can directly reply to the office. Using Paradigm’s two-way SMS system, your staff will save valuable time with scheduling and communicating with patients.


The Newsletter module allows an office to send out pre-made and customizable templates to patients. As part of the module, there is also a content library available for an office to use in order to save time  – providing services to the patient rather than drafting newsletters.


The Email module allows an office to send to patients emails such as re-care reminders, confirmation, pre-confirmations, and birthdays automatically. This will then sync the response to Paradigm Clinical.

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Our objective is to always utilize cutting-edge technology to provide all dentists with the tools to both manage and market their practice efficiently and successfully. We look to embrace those new technologies and incorporate them within our Paradigm Clinical software

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