Managing your Practice from the Palm of your Hand

Managing Your Dental Practice…

Managing your dental practice has never been easier, from appointment scheduling to checking up on patients there are a variety of helpful tools that can help your practice simply by using an app on your phone. Being able to communicate with your patients is vital in maintaining a positive relationship with you and your patient. Having an app that allows you to do it all can streamline your management process and let you focus more on providing the best service to your patients. At Logic Tech we are committed to being an industry leader in all aspects of our dental practice as well as providing quality service to all of our patients.

Mobile Communication

Mobile communication is an effective way to communicate with patients and schedule appointments. Instead of recording their information on paper and having stacks of folders lying around, the app allows you to access all their information including personal information as well as upcoming appointments. Efficiency is critical in any industry and keeping your practice running up to par. Having an app that can track the efficiency of your practice and provide insights into how your practice is performing, is beneficial to your success. Text messaging is also a great way to communicate with your patients. SMS text messaging allows for clear communication about appointments, and exact dates and times relating to those appointments. Managing your practice with the use of management software and apps is extremely beneficial to your practice and can save you an ample amount of time when it comes to scheduling appointments and communicating with patients. 

Appointments & Scheduling

Appointments and scheduling can often be a tedious task. However with the use of Paradigm Mobile, you are able to access all that information from within the app. The app displays all upcoming appointments as well as patient information which can greatly improve booking new patients in. Scheduling conflicts will be a thing of the past, the use of this app will keep you and your staff up to date about all the upcoming appointments at your practice. This app allows for the dental practice to be as efficient as possible in booking appointments and scheduling patients.


The use of technology and applications is incredibly important to running a successful dental practice. From the use of social media applications such as Paradigm the benefits are endless. At Logic Tech we highly recommend the use of Paradigm Mobile and can attest to the benefits of using the app to manage our dental practice.