New Add-on Extension to Paradigm

Cutting-edge tools to improve your practice

IntelliPlatform is our new innovative cloud platform add-on extension of Paradigm Clinical Software. It currently is comprised of six cloud-based modules. All modules are fully integrated into your Paradigm database, so you can add whatever modules your office needs.

Choose from these current modules:

Taking advantage of the modules within this innovative extension will enable you to focus on what matters most at the office; offering exceptional patient care.


  • Provides a secure and encrypted bridge to your office, so you can access your information entirely from any device.
    • Let’s you control what information your associates and staff can see from any browser.
    • Doesn’t require remote access to your computer or exposing your office data through a third-party tool.
    • Avoids call to the office for paper copies of confidential information.
      • Connect with an Android or Apple device.
      • Link any device or computer to the office.
      • View Patient Ledgers including financial info and services provided.
      • Schedule Patient Appointments.
      • Access the Appointment Book, including patient information.
      • Increase Office productivity & efficiency.


  • Offers easy, secure and customized mobile access on any device for your providers.
    • Keep everyone in your office up-to-date without needing numerous outgoing messages and contacts.
    • Each provider can enjoy safe and simple individualized access to their most important information, even when they are away from the office.
      • From one login, they can access their own schedule to view appointments or daily billings.
      • Information can be customized so that providers can only access the data you want them to see.
    • End-to-end encryption keeps your office data safe.
    • The cloud technology keeps your data on your office server.


  • Gives your dental office convenient digital communication tools to engage with your patients.
  • Streamlines your correspondence with automated and scheduled text messages and emails, as well as message templates for appointment confirmations, reminders and more.
  • Includes an add-on text message (SMS) marketing/communication module called My Contact Pro that enables you to customize contacts lists so you can filter patient communications by specific reasons such as appointment follow-up, recare reminders, and even holiday messages.
  • Since these lists are directly integrated with your Paradigm database, any interaction with the patient is updated in real-time to remove redundancies in your workflow.


  • Our powerful online form builder enables your office to go completely paperless.
  • Alleviates the burden of excessive paperwork for the practice and the patient, by electronically creating and customizing forms, such as registration, new patient intake, medical history and consent.
    • Results are updated in real time.
    • Patients can then access the online forms from anywhere on their mobile device.


  • Allows easy management of patient recalls to maximize your recall appointments.
  • Enables real-time tracking of staff performance through our cloud-based servers, providing up-to-date analytics:
    • With User Stats, monitor employee performance in booking patient recalls and identify areas of improvement
  • Includes target messaging capabilities to help fill openings effectively:
    • Send bulk SMS messages to patients with pending recalls based on their appointment profile history.


  • Offers an advanced encryption and cloud backup solution designed to safeguard your Paradigm and digital files.
  • With leading-edge encryption technology, your sensitive data and confidential information are securely protected against unauthorized access.
  • The cloud backup feature ensures that your files are safely stored and easily accessible from anywhere, providing you with peace of mind and the convenience of seamless data recovery when needed.

We'd love to discuss how IntelliPlatform can help your practice.