Paradigm 2019 Recap

dental practice management software

2019 was a great year at Logic Tech Corp! We made some significant releases for Paradigm Clinical and Paradigm Mobile that have helped many dentists across Canada take their practice to the next level. If you haven’t tried out our new features, here’s a recap of what you’re missing out on:


Paradigm Clinical v8

The much-anticipated Version 8 of our Paradigm Clinical software was finally released last year, bringing you even more capabilities to manage your clinic! Some exciting features that come with Paradigm Clinical v8 include:

Fee Guide Automatic Update

The fee guide will now automatically update for you, saving you time to do other important tasks at the clinic.

Multi-Appointment Book View

One of the features that large dental clinics are loving. Gone are the days where you had to try fitting all your providers into one appointment book!

You can now organize your appointment book to best suit your workflow. For example, you can put your service providers into different categories to easily find your Dentists, Hygienists, and Specialists. This will help increase your efficiency greatly when booking new appointments.

Paradigm Mobile Integration

Paradigm Clinical v8 is a platform that will allow you to integrate any new modules and features released in the future. This includes: My Contact ProNewsletter Module, Reviews and SurveysOnline Forms, and more! Please contact us to see how you can upgrade your current version to take advantage of our new releases.


My Contact Pro

Other ideas for you to send an SMS blast: ASAP, treatment plans, upcoming appointments

This add-on text message (SMS) marketing/communication module integrates closely with your patients in Paradigm Clinical. Contact multiple patients at once and streamline your communication with its flexible 2-way SMS system. You can improve your workflow and efficiency by running lists to send specific messages en masse.

Imagine this scenario:

You want to contact all your past and present patients who are due for a recall and remind them to make an appointment. Normally you’d be looking through your list of patients to manually send a text one-by-one. Not only is this process extremely tedious, but you’re also prone to a lot of human error (missing a few patients, typos in the SMS, etc.).

With My Contact Pro, you can greatly increase efficiency and accuracy by running a list of recalls. Once you have this list, you can immediately send a standardized SMS to let your patients know they’re due for a recall.

Your patients will be able to reply to the text directly, whether to request an appointment or ask any questions.


SMS Dashboard

Included in My Contact Pro, the SMS Dashboard helps you keep track of all the confirmation and recall text messages you’ve sent to your patients. You’ll be able to see how many patients have responded to your messages with a glance at the dashboard.

This is a great tool for you to monitor your patient engagement and retention rates. If you’re noticing any lull in responses, you’ll be able to quickly set up another SMS blast to remind your patients to respond.


Paradigm Mobile

‘Add To Calendar’ Function

Dental appointments often get missed because the patient simply forgot about it – especially when it was booked months ahead and they didn’t have time to mark it down. As a result, while you can send your patients reminders closer to their appointment, it can still slip their minds.

Our new ‘Add To Calendar’ function will help you better mitigate this type of no-show. Your patients can now add their scheduled appointment directly into their calendar as soon as they make a booking.

This added convenience for them to quickly mark their calendars is a great way to keep them from forgetting an upcoming appointment!

Online Appointment Book

Staying in-the-know with your dental office while you’re on-the-go can help you manage your time more efficiently and detect any errors made.

With the Online Appointment Book on Paradigm Mobile, you can remotely access details for upcoming patients – from the date and time of the appointment and patient information to projected treatment details and appointment job codes.

You don’t need to worry about the security of this remote access, as only authorized individuals will be able to log-in to view the appointment book and patient details.


All these features were built with dentists in mind so that you can take your clinic management to the next level! Have you tried them out yet?

Interested in learning more about Paradigm Clinical and its extensive features? You can reach us at (905) 946-1477 or