View your schedule on-the-go with IntelliDoctor

How many times have you left the office, only to remember you needed access to the appointment book before the next day? Without access outside of the office computers, you’re left with two choices. You either have to turn and go back to the office or call in and have your staff send your schedule over. We know that neither of these options are ideal since they’re either inconvenient or insecure. In response to this common scenario, we have been working hard on our new IntelliDoctor module, which will give you secure access to your Paradigm appointment book, even when you’re on-the-go.


Benefits of IntelliDoctor

If you’re wondering what the new IntelliDoctor module can do, here’s how some of its features will benefit you everyday:


Access to the appointment book anywhere, anytime

IntelliDoctor will give you more mobility, as you’ll be able to access the office’s appointment book wherever you are. No longer will you have to go back to the office just to check your upcoming days quickly to plan ahead.

You have the option to look at all the schedules or filter them by provider for a better idea of everyone’s workload. You’ll also be able to view future dates to help you better prepare for your patients.


Access with any device

IntelliDoctor is a browser-based module, meaning you aren’t limited to using it on a desktop computer. IntelliDoctor is compatible with laptops, tablets and phones so you can enjoy the convenience with any device of your choice – as long as you have an internet connection.

This is handy if you need to check the appointment book quickly during an appointment. It’ll improve your efficiency as you won’t have to exit your patient notes screen first.


Secure remote access

Each office will have their unique log-in and password, so your appointment book is only accessible to you. This is a more secure way to access your schedules compared to having it sent to you, unprotected, as a photo or screenshot.

You are also able to set up individual accounts for your associates. This way, they can have access to their own schedule while they are away from the office.

IntelliDoctor will be part of our new platform, IntelliCloud. This platform will be embellished with online features designed to bring more convenience to your dental practice. In turn, it will also improve your overall efficiency.

Current COVIDform users have already had a taste of what’s to come. We plan to enhance these features with more functions to help save you time for more pressing tasks.

If you would like to learn more about the IntelliDoctor module, or find out more about IntelliCloud, contact us today!