3 ways to amp up efficiency to save more time

Amping up the efficiency of some processes at the office can help lessen the workload on your staff. It also saves them time for more demanding tasks, such as managing patients arriving at the office or handling insurance claim submissions.

Freeing up as much time as possible also gives the office a buffer for handling unforeseen circumstances. This is especially important as the COVID-19 variant cases are rising and the new variants are more transmissible. The extra buffer time will give the practice sufficient time to ensure all surfaces and tools are sanitized thoroughly before the next patient. 

If you’re using Paradigm Clinical, here are three ways where it can help you cut back on menial tasks and amp up your efficiency:


Use digital forms (new patient, consent, COVID-19 screening, etc.)

Having patients fill in paper forms creates redundant tasks. Once the patient spends time completing the form, you then have to spend more time inputting the information. This can introduce human errors as handwriting can be misread, or data can be mistyped. Your staff will then have to spend time securely filing the paper forms away or properly destroy the records if it is no longer needed.

All the repetitive work and errors can be minimized with our Intelliform module. This module allows you to create custom digital forms that can be sent to patients directly via text. Depending on the form, patient information will then automatically populate their record once the form is complete.


Set up recare cycles for all your patients

Following up with patient recares is important, but manually managing them takes up a lot of time. With so many patients to check on, there is a chance that some may fall through the cracks. Not only would this be detrimental for their oral health, but your practice will also lose out on business.

Paradigm Clinical allows you to set up a patient for recare cycles, which simplifies and shortens the follow-up process. Instead of calculating the cycles each time, you can run a recare report each month to see who is overdue without missing anyone. You can then contact these patients and invite them back at their earliest convenience.


Automate reminders and confirmations

Another time-consuming task at the dental office is calling patients for appointment reminders and confirmations. Your staff will need to keep tabs on all the patients and who to call back if they didn’t pick up. This time would be better spent doing more productive tasks.

With Paradigm’s My Contact Pro and SMS Module, you can easily set up automatic messages set to send in customized time intervals. Reminders and confirmations will have a link for the patient to click, which then automatically updates your appointment book.


Dental offices should continually find ways to improve their efficiency. This would allow the office to dedicate more time to important tasks, such as thoroughly sanitizing operatory rooms. With more buffer time, it is also less straining for the staff if emergencies or unforeseen situations arise. 

If you would like to learn more about increasing your office’s efficiency with our Paradigm modules, contact us today! Our team will be happy to offer tips and tricks, and cater a solution to your needs.