4 Reasons To Go Paperless

Many offices have adopted a paperless workflow when it comes to booking patients in for appointments. Some even communicate with patients through email via their dental software, such as our Paradigm Clinical Newsletter Module

While going paperless unlocks a whole realm of conveniences, there are still offices reluctant to migrate to a digital system. One main reason is the unfamiliarity of a new process. However, here are four reasons to go paperless that should demystify these concerns:


Office Efficiency

Having new patients fill out paper forms and then transferring the data to the computer is time-consuming and redundant. Not only that, but there is also a risk of human errors, be it input-errors or mistranslating the patient’s handwriting. Digital forms allow patients to fill in their information and directly have it saved to their profile. This seamless process makes new-patient registration faster and more enjoyable and leaves you more time to strike a conversation with them.

Additionally, the patient information stored on the server will be accessible by all computers on the network. This eliminates the need to print out the patient information and bring it to the doctor and therefore increase efficiency.


Clutter Cleaning

Offices who are still using paper often have a storage room full of patient files and documents. This room can be time-consuming to maintain and can be a headache to access. There are also implications of being a health hazard with the accumulation of dust or attracting pests.

Transitioning to a paperless system can help declutter the office. Although it could take time to digitize all the existing documents, the office can eventually clear out the space and use it for more productive tasks. Any new patient information would automatically be stored in the dental software database, including patient X-rays and insurance information. 


Data Security

Having patient information stored away in a filing room can pose certain security risks. The risks include:

  • Unauthorized access
  • Improper disposal
  • Data-loss from disasters

These risks are costly for a dental office when it leads to legal ramifications. Going paperless and having patient information stored in your dental software gives you data security. The encrypted database prevents untrusty parties from accessing the data, even in the case of theft. You’ll also be able to back-up your data off-site to prevent data loss from unexpected events (system failure, theft, disasters).


Environmentally Friendly

We have a responsibility to protect our environment and going paperless is a step towards reducing waste. It takes time to transition to a paperless office, but there are still ways to reduce paper usage during this time:

  • Reuse one-sided paper for taking notes (if there is no sensitive information)
  • Only print documents when absolutely necessary
  • Proof-read text before printing to prevent having to re-print


While it may be a big adjustment to go completely paperless, you’ll be surprised by how it can improve office productivity. Contact us today to learn more about how you can streamline your workflow and increase your bottom line!