5 Tips to keep up with patient recare and retention

The image above is not a reflection of the Paradigm Clinical interface

Many dental offices have had their schedules packed with the number of patients returning for their recare since the lockdown was lifted. However, in the midst of a jam-packed schedule, it would be unfortunate to have any new or old patients fall through the cracks. To prevent this from happening, you should be doing everything in your power to ensure that no patients are neglected. 

Here are 5 tips for using Paradigm Clinical, and keeping up with patient recares and patient retention:


Always followup on patient recare

During the lockdown, many appointments had to be cancelled and not all of the patients may have rebooked their appointment after the lockdown was lifted. This is a good time to follow up with your patient, whether by phone or by email. Not only will you get a chance to rebook them, but you will also build patient relationships. When you spend time catching up with patients, they will feel that your office cares for them and strengthen their connection with you.

To keep track of the patients who have cancelled their appointment, you can create a report in Paradigm Clinical with everyone that has been cancelled within a period of time. For example, if you want to give priority to those who had to cancel due to the lockdown, you can select the date range for that period.


Generate recare cycles

To ensure all your patients are reminded to come back for their recares, they must first be integrated into a recare cycle. This can be easily done within Paradigm Clinical so that you don’t have to keep tabs on every patient – saving you a lot of time from going through physical lists and calculating their yearly recare allowance.

Paradigm Clinical will automatically let you know when a patient is due for a recare and your staff members can then send a friendly reminder to the patient through the email module or SMS texting. You can also send a batch reminder to all patients who are overdue for their recare. If a particular patient hasn’t come back in a while, you can entice them with private discounts for your dental services.

If a patient is not in the cycle, you can input their information into the system and have Paradigm Clinical generate the number of recares that are available to the patient. The maximum number of recares depends on your patient’s insurance information.


Check your reports

One great feature of Paradigm Clinical is its ability to generate reports. Use this feature to stay on top of upcoming and overdue recares. Print out recare reports every month to identify patients who are overdue so that you can reach out. 

If there is a sizable amount of patients overdue, consider sending out a targeted promotion to this group. This can be done with My Contact Pro, where you can filter out a specific group – in this case, overdue recare patients – and send them an email or SMS blast. Below is an example of what you can write:

Hello Jane,

This is a friendly reminder that you’re overdue for a recare.
Book an appointment with us today and receive a complimentary teeth whitening session!

Looking forward to seeing you,
The Dentist Team


Add a personal touch

Having more personal conversations with patients allows you to connect with them on a deeper level and build a genuine relationship. This can be difficult if your office has many patients, but this is where patient notes function in Paradigm Clinical comes in handy. 

You can record recare notes, reminders, special coverage information, accounting notes, and patient notes into the system. Set the notes to pop-up when you access the patient file or appointment so that you can reference particular details.

These notes will help personalize each patient’s visit and enhance their experience with your staff. Fostering a positive experience each time they visit will help you build their loyalty and increase your patient retention.


Consistent communciation

It’s hard to to stay in touch with all the patients by phone, but you can send emails and texts. Using the Newsletter module, you can easily do an email blast to reach out to your patients each month. 

When you have consistent communication, your patients will come to expect a newsletter from you. This will keep your clinic top of mind so that you can continue nurturing your relationship with them. Again, this can build their loyalty so that they are less likely to find a new practitioner.

If you want to send birthday messages to your patients, but don’t have the time to do so, use the scheduling feature of My Contact Pro. Set automatic pre-set birthday messages on the patient’s birthday so that you don’t have to manage them individually. You can take this opportunity to invite them in with a birthday promotion e.g. 15% off teeth whitening.


Knowing your Paradigm Clinical dental management software can really help step up your game with patient recares and retention. Contact us to learn more about Paradigm and its modules. Give our sales manager a call at 905-946-1477 or email Logic Tech at info@logictechcorp.com today!