Paradigm Clinical: Electronic Claims and Billing Made Easy

As a completely paperless dental management software, Paradigm Clinical has everything office staff members require in one place. This includes the ability to enter billing information, as well as send insurance claims electronically through EDI.

To enter billing information, all the Paradigm Clinical user has to do is choose the patient who needs to be charged. This can be done through Paradigm Clinical’s appointment book. Once the patient is chosen, the user should press the billing button.

When the new billing window pops up, the user then simply fills in the required information in the blanks. Paradigm Clinical’s dynamic capabilities lets users select how patients can be charged. For example, a patient can be charged via their service provider or the patient themselves.

Once the billing information is filled out, the Paradigm Clinical user has the option to also submit it directly through EDI and even immediately pay for the bill. ITRANS, an internet-based app, needs to be installed on each computer that needs to submit EDI.

Being able to enter billing information and submit insurance claims easily and efficiently not only maximizes office time and workflow, but also make the lives of patients that much easier. Logic Tech is always ready to help dental offices with the set-up, answer any questions, and give ongoing technical and hardware support for its Paradigm Clinical users.