Embracing digital transformation in your dental practice

Dental clinic, dental chair

Adapting to digital transformation can seem daunting for some dental practitioners and offices, but it is important to remember that the benefits far outweigh any hesitation. By utilizing technology in your practice, you can provide a better experience for your patients, make your workflow more efficient, and even save money in the long run.

Do you think you are ready to make the switch? Here are just a few ways you can start integrating technology into your dental practice today.

Digitize your internal documentation and processes

Going digital can help you reduce paper waste, save time on paperwork, and make it easier to access records. By digitizing old documents, you can greatly improve your office’s efficiency and productivity. In addition, digitization can help to improve patient communication and coordination. For example, you can use digital platforms such as My Contact Pro to send appointment reminders and treatment instructions to patients.

Secure personal data and dental records of your patients

When you digitize your patients’ records. Not only does this make it easier to access important information, but it also helps to protect the data in case of a system crash or other flaw. Paradigm Clinical offers its users a Data Security & Cloud Backup service that is compliant with Ontario’s PHIPA and PIPEDA. This ensures your patients’ personal data and records are always safe and secure.

Measure your staff and your clinic’s performance

One of the key benefits of embracing technology is the ability to quickly and easily measure staff and clinic performance. By setting KPIs and monitoring performance through reports extracted from dental management platforms like Paradigm Clinical, dental offices can ensure the efficiency of their staff and improve their clinic’s profitability.

Paradigm Clinical offers features like IntelliData which can give you a quick view of how your clinic is performing with customized reports and KPI dashboards including Patient Growth, Service Analysis, and Provider Snapshot. In addition, you can also summarize these reports and compare them to your periodic targets, allowing you to adjust your strategies accordingly.

Personalize your marketing campaigns and promotions

As technology continues to evolve, dental offices must find new ways to reach and engage their patients. There are lots of ways to connect with your dental patients and with the presence of social media, connecting became a bit easier. However, it may only appeal to a particular group and demographic. Some patients would still prefer a more professional way of communication, such as emails and text messages.

Paradigm Clinical features tools you can use to connect and build relationships with your patients including its Newsletter Module. Through this feature, your clinic can easily stay in touch with your patients, keep them in the loop with your activities, send reminders for upcoming appointments and scheduled re-care, and more — all in one system. You can even send your patients informative content such as articles and promotions. This way, you can provide better patient care which translates to patient loyalty.

Start embracing the digital transformation with the latest Paradigm Clinical V10. Its new features including the much-awaited IntelliPlatform are integrated to enhance your practice and patient services. It also has IntelliData, which can show your daily matrix at a glance, and IntelliRecall which will allow you to create your own sets of lists, parameters, and analytics to improve your patient services and build loyalty, and IntelliDoctor, to enable your dentists to see their daily appointments and reports through their mobile phones.

To learn more about Paradigm Clinical and all the V10 updates, give our sales manager a call at 905-946-1477 or email Logic Tech at sales@logictechcorp.com.