Building Patient Loyalty to Improve Profitability

A patient is happy for getting good dental service

Apart from profitability, one way to measure your clinic’s success is the percentage of repeat patients coming in over a period of time. However, getting loyal patients takes more than greeting them with a smile or offering discounts on services. Building loyalty requires constant care and consistent effort from every member of your team and it usually starts from service satisfaction.

You might have noticed by now that the more loyal patients that you have, the busier your clinic gets, which only means greater sales. So if you are considering focusing on patient loyalty as a sales strategy, here are some ways to do it effectively.

Convenience is better than any discount

Make it easy for your customers to schedule and confirm appointments through text or email reminders. You can do this by using communication platforms such as Paradigm Clinical’s MyContactPro. It is a two-way SMS text messaging module that allows personalized messages to be sent to multiple patients at once to notify them of appointment availability, waitlist status, and even rescheduling.

Avoid making your patients wait

Once you confirm their scheduled appointments, you can re-confirm their schedule at least an hour before their appointment time, especially if there are unexpected delays. No patient would want to arrive on time just to find out that they’ll have to wait for another hour.

Make your patients feel like VIPs through personalization

Every patient would want to be treated differently from the rest, and by offering personalized services to your patients, the more they are likely to come back for a follow-up appointment.

Keep your patients updated

Not just with their scheduled treatments, but also with news about your clinic, ongoing activities, and promotions. Paradigm Clinical has a user-friendly Newsletter Module that can easily create custom emails for these types of information. Through this, you can offer exclusive rewards to those who have shown patronage over the years, or complimentary dental treatments for patients who are celebrating their birthdays.

Using daily reports to offer flash deals or offers

Paradigm Clinical V10 can show you what your day will look like on a daily report. In these reports, you can see how many patients are booked each day and which time slots are still vacant. You can then maximize this data and convert them into an appointment by offering “flash deals” to your existing group of clientele (e.g. 50% on oral prophylaxis if they can come on a specific vacant day and time).

You can do more of these with the newest Paradigm Clinical V10 and its new features including the much awaited IntelliPlatform, integrated to enhance your practice and patient services. It has IntelliData, which can show your daily matrix at a glance, and IntelliRecall which will allow you to create your own sets of lists, parameters, and analytics to improve your patient services and build loyalty, and IntelliDoctor, to enable your dentists to see their daily appointments and reports through their mobile phones. Paradigm V10 will be available in November 2021.

To learn more about Paradigm Clinical and all the V10 updates, give our sales manager a call at 905-946-1477 or email Logic Tech at