How Can You Personalize Your Dental Care Services Using Technology?

Dental Care Services

Dental patients, just like any other type of customer, don’t want to be treated the same as everybody. Your patients crave more personal attention as they feel that their needs are more special than the rest. Attention to detail still works just like the old times, but clinics can now easily pull out all patient preferences and treatment history in just one click when combing it with technology. When patients receive personalized services such as greetings or messages, they tend to have a stronger connection and sustained loyalty with the clinic and its staff members.

Here are some ways how you can leverage personalization using technology to build lasting relationships with your patients.

Keep regular communication with your patients through Teledenstistry

The ongoing pandemic has made it difficult for dentists to see patients who want to address their oral health concerns quickly. As a result, many clinics have changed procedures and adopted teledentistry to serve their patients better while maintaining productivity. Not only does this mitigate the risk of transmission, but it also allows dentists to connect and attend to their patients regularly. It should be noted that teledentistry must be treated as regular dental appointments. Thus, all data created and captured from virtual sessions must be stored securely in a system that complies with PHIPPA, such as Paradigm Clinical software. Now, it is extremely straightforward and secure to set up virtual check-ups with your patients.

Offer a clinical concierge service

This is most beneficial to your patients who need extra care and support. These patients can be easily identified through your dental records and reports stored in your clinic management system like Paradigm Clinical. By offering a concierge service, you can extend highly customized services that can aid their treatments, such as purchasing prescriptions on their behalf or booking transportation services so that they can come in for their scheduled appointments. Not all clinics can extend this service, but if your clinic can, extra gestures like these create a more memorable patient experience for your customers.

Customized newsletters for patients with recare cycles

Recare patients tend to require additional out-of-clinic support as their treatments continue at home. You can provide better services while adding a touch of personalization by utilizing communication platforms such as email newsletters. Paradigm Clinical has a user-friendly Newsletter Module that can easily create custom newsletters for your re-care patients. This module is designed to be fully integrated with your Paradigm Clinical database allowing you to pull out a list or even several lists of patients from your database. Then, you’ll be able to create personalized emails reminding re-care patients of their treatment and appointment schedules. This way, you’ll encourage them to come back to your clinic on time, ensuring better treatment progressions.

You can even send them re-care tips and information through the module’s vast library of pre-written dental articles. This is of great use if you don’t have the time to write an article. In addition, these articles are informative and quick to read for recipients with a short attention span. Of course, you can also edit the articles if you want to add more content or make them your own by adding a spin to them.

Encourage your patients to make it to every appointment through personalized SMS reminders

Personalization can be quite tough, especially if you have to send SMS appointment reminders manually every day. However, there are available technologies in the market that can help you with this, like Paradigm Clinical’s SMS marketing/communication module. This innovative software is called My Contact Pro. It is a two-way SMS text messaging module that allows personalized messages to be sent to multiple patients at once to notify them of appointment availability, waitlist status, and rescheduling. Alongside My Contact Pro is the Patient Connect module, a customized cloud-based portal enabling patients to send messages to a clinic, check for their upcoming dental appointments, and even pay outstanding fees from anywhere at any time. With the power to request appointments by choosing their preferred dates and times at their convenience, your patients would no longer have to be put on hold or wait for a callback. This not only improves the workflow of your dental office but helps with filling out your office’s appointment book.

To further encourage your patients to come over for their appointments, you can also initiate an incentive scheme to reward them with freebies or complimentary services just by showing up. That way, you will build stronger relationships with your patients and be assured that there is always a flow of patients for increased profitability.

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