Managing your brand reputation

While your brand doesn’t have to be extravagant and flashy, it should reflect your dental office’s image and core values. After all, your brand reputation is how your patients and prospects perceive you. Portraying a consistent image will allow people to form a connection with your brand.

Managing your brand reputation is especially important during this pandemic, as many are still wary of the safety at dental offices. Here are some ways in which you can do so to grow your business and build trust over time:


Deliver a stellar patient experience

Patient experience starts before the patient even enters the dental office. Having a seamless procedure from booking an appointment to being in the chair, to post-procedure follow-ups, will greatly elevate your patient experience. It shows that thought was put into making the process hassle-free for them.

When a patient has a great experience with your office, they will naturally be inclined to share with friends who are looking for a new dentist. Word-of-mouth recommendations are valuable as  92% of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family more than advertising.


Encourage patients to leave reviews

Google reviews are one of the best ways to reach new patients, and every review counts! Just like word-of-mouth recommendations, reviews let potential patients judge the trustworthiness of your practice. 91% of young consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 

Ask your patients if they would be interested to leave a review of their experience at your practice. Don’t rely on the patient remembering to do so, as it can slip their mind easily throughout the day. Instead, use your dental management software to send interested patients the review link directly via SMS so that they can conveniently do it right away. To encourage patients to leave reviews, you can also provide some form of incentive (e.g. a discount on their next visit).


Handle negative reviews ASAP

Every business will receive negative reviews, but it’s not always a bad thing. Viewers find online reviews more authentic if there is a mix of positive and negative comments. The best way to handle these reviews is to do so as soon as possible. Not only does this show your sincerity to the reviewer, but it also minimizes any speculations made by other viewers.

On the other hand, if the review is unfairly berating your dental practice, you could opt to stand up for your business and your staff. This way, potential patients will also know your practice isn’t at fault for certain accusations.


Personalize your interactions with patients

Showing your patients that you care about them beyond their dental concerns fosters your relationship by building positive impressions. Adding that personal touch when interacting with patients, such as following up on something they mentioned before, really elevates your customer service.

While it can be difficult to keep tabs on all your patients, Paradigm lets you record small details in their patient notes or pictures. This way you can look back and refresh your memory on what you talked about previously. You’ll be surprised how impressive it is to follow up on a minute detail they have shared during their last interaction.


Pay more attention to content marketing

Whether through email, text, or social media, your content marketing should not be neglected. These are the best tools for you to stay top of mind and reach potential patients. On social media, you can build your brand image through how you interact with others and the content you post.

Content marketing through SMS or email doesn’t need to be flashy and sophisticated. It can be as simple as inviting current patients back with a promotion. You can efficiently send mass emails/texts using Paradigm My Contact Pro. For a more targeted approach, you can select a specific set of patients e.g. patients who haven’t returned in 2 years.


There are many ways to manage your office reputation and it may require some creative thinking to find the best solution for you. Whatever you choose to do, we may have the perfect solution for you.

Contact us today to discuss how Paradigm Clinical can help you elevate your business and manage your brand.