How to Boost Your Clinic’s Performance Post-Lockdown

dentist performing a dental procedure to a patient

The global economy is now slowly recovering, and lockdowns have been lifted one by one. And so, everyone is getting back on their feet, including your dental office. However, many things have already changed, and people have found new ways to adapt to the situation. In the process, your clinic may have lost a few patients, some staff, and also your momentum during this challenging time, so it may take a whole lot of adjustment to get things going again. So after taking a long pause due to the pandemic, how can your clinic be able to cope with the changes and get a head start post lockdown?

1. Highlight the availability of virtual consultations or Teledentistry

Some of your patients might still not be comfortable going to your clinic personally so it is important that they are aware that you are offering Teledentistry. You may do so by communicating to your patients through periodic SMS or Newsletter announcements.

2. Catch up on your recall appointments

Quite surely, your recall appointments and schedules were interrupted by the lockdowns and government protocols. And after a long time, it may not be that easy to pull out, consolidate, and manage the list of your piled-up recall appointments manually. While some dental offices have already automated their recall system, some are still calling each patient individually, which can be very tasking if done this time.

This is the reason why Paradigm Clinical has elevated its recall system with IntelliRecall, a new IntelliPlatform product available in the V10 update. IntelliRecall can allow you to closely monitor the status of each and every recall patient so you can encourage them to come back for their appointments. IntelliRecall also features customized reports that are helpful for your clinic to measure your staff’s productivity in terms of the number of recalls booked by every team member. With a better system in place, you won’t need to manually list down the status of your recall data, and you won’t have to lose any potential revenue.

3. Attract new customers via social media

Everyone who’s been stuck at home for the past year has nothing to turn to except social media. With so many users frequenting social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, engaging your potential and existing customers through these would be an advantage for your dental practice.

4. Offer early bird incentives to patients who confirms appointments a month before their schedule

Due to the uncertainty brought by the current situation, regular patients such as recare patients can be hesitant to confirm succeeding appointments. Therefore, incentivizing them can be an effective strategy especially if they can confirm their appointments a month before the schedule. Incentives could range from free consultation, discounts, additional premiums or service.

5. Level up your customer service through personalization

Creating a stronger relationship with your patients has now become more essential than ever. One of the most effective ways in building relationships with your patients is to offer personalized services and by doing this, you will not only be able to connect with your patients on a deeper level, you will also be able to earn their loyalty for your clinic.

This pandemic may have changed the way some things are done for your dental clinics, but at the end of the day, it will always boil down to the quality of care and services that you offer to your patients. But if you need an extra hand in improving your systems and procedures, Paradigm Clinical can offer you the best tools to enhance your dental practice and get your business back in full swing post lockdown.

And with the newest Paradigm Clinical V10 update, you can be one of the firsts to experience its new features, including the much-awaited IntelliPlatform integrated to enhance your practice and patient services. It has IntelliData, which can show your daily matrix at a glance; IntelliRecall which will allow you to create your own sets of lists, parameters, and analytics so you can regularly reassess your strategies; and IntelliDoctor, to enable your dentists to see their daily appointments and reports through their mobile phones. To learn more about Paradigm Clinical and all the V10 updates, give our sales manager a call at 905-946-1477 or email Logic Tech at