Topic Ideas for Your Next Newsletter

From our last blog post, we mentioned that sending consistent newsletters to your patients is important for building a connection and for building your brand. We also talked about creating newsletters that are valuable to your patients to boost your open rates.

To maintain a high value for your newsletters, you need to keep your topics fresh and relevant. This way, your patients will naturally look forward to opening your emails every time it arrives.

While it can be tough to come up with brand new ideas each time, you can rotate general topics to keep it interesting. If you have time, you can even include all the topics to create your own newsletter column! Check out the headline ideas below to keep your newsletters refreshed with new content:


Product of the Month/Reviews

Savvy shoppers love learning about products and many look for new products to try as they search for their holy grail items. Some shoppers even purposely seek out “cult”/trending products just to see what the hype is. 

Capture your patients’ attention by writing about new or trending dental products. To really engage your patients, ask them what trending dental products they’ve been wanting to try. You can then test and review the most mentioned products, giving your honest opinion and busting and false claims. Since you’re talking about products that are relevant, it will give your newsletters more value and have them look forward to reading your content.

Your professional opinion will help your patients make informed decisions without the lure of marketing jargon. In turn, you’ll continue building trust and loyalty with them.


Myth Busting

The internet makes it so easy for everyone to find the answers they’re looking for and Google alone receives more than 1 billion health-related questions each day! While it’s easy to find answers, there is also a lot of misinformation and trends on the internet that can be potentially harmful. It doesn’t help that this information can go viral easily, especially on social media platforms such as TikTok. 

This is a fun topic that also shows that you’re current with the trends and makes your emails more engaging. Most importantly, your patients will be informed of the dangers and damage that oral health trends can cause. To give an extra ‘oomph’, offer alternate, professional advice to help your patients achieve the same results safely.


Frequently Asked Questions/Expert Advice

Different seasons will bring different frequently asked questions, depending on what oral health trends are. Having a frequently asked questions column will help you address and questions they probably also had but haven’t asked yet. Not only are these questions relevant, but it also helps your patients learn how to improve their oral health with your expert advice.

To incorporate this section into your newsletters, you can include one FAQ relevant to what the topic is, or have a full newsletter dedicated to multiple FAQs every couple of newsletters. This will give you time to gather all the questions from patients – whether through asking patients in the chair or sending out surveys that can be anonymously filled in.


How-To Guides

The simplest routines become ineffective when they’re not done properly. For example, teeth brushing is something most learn to do as a child, but the proper procedures could be forgotten over time. Including how-to guides would be a fun addition to your newsletter and is a great educational piece to ensure your patients are brushing and flossing properly.

Adding illustrations and humour to your how-to could add value to your newsletter. To get more ideas on what to add, you can ask your patients what they’re interested in learning to do properly. You can also extrapolate the topic from frequently asked questions.


Whatever topics you choose to do, the most important thing is to create a newsletter that’s valuable. To do so, stay relevant with information that patients are consistently seeking. For offices who don’t have time to write, you can edit articles from the library in our Paradigm Newsletter module!

To learn more about our Newsletter module and how it can help you improve your email marketing, contact us today!