Email Marketing Tips You Need To Try!

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Our use of technology has shifted to become more dependent on the internet. Email marketing is even more important nowadays as it is one of your key communication tools to tell your patients about office updates, new services, or special promotions. It is also a way for you to build your relationship with your patients and increase their loyalty to your clinic.

The changing online habits of your patients also means that your email marketing strategies need to evolve with them. Here are some ways to make your emails and newsletters stand out amongst the rest:


Social Responsibilities 

This year hasn’t started off with a bang, but you can still show your unchanging commitment to your patients and the community. If you plan to commit to a charity this year, don’t be afraid to announce it to your patients. 

Add an interactive element to the email by inviting your patients to join you! For example, you can match every dollar your patients donate, up to a certain amount. Or offer a service where all or a portion of the profits go towards a charity. You can even include a poll for everyone to vote for which charity to help.


Add Value to Your Content

Catchy subject lines and valuable content is important to draw your patients’ attention over all the emails they receive. Having a signature narrative in your newsletters will help build your brand and make connections with your patients. You can strengthen this connection and increase open rates if your patients believe that your emails have value to them.

You can add value to your newsletters by including exclusive offers for patients who subscribed to your mailing list. Including educational articles will keep your patients informed and learn the importance of oral health. For those using our Newsletter Module, we have a library of oral health articles that you can easily add to your newsletter!


Tailor Your Promotions

Targeting your promotions will take your email marketing to the next level. By tailoring the promotions to your patient’s interests, your email marketing will be even more effective. A discount to a certain service/procedure may be the final push for your patients to open your email and schedule an appointment!

Plan out what promotions you want to run over the year and send them to patients who have shown interest in those procedures (e.g. promotion for teeth whitening). Keep different email lists so you don’t have to go through patient notes each time to check if they’re interested.


Automate Emails and Newsletters

Managing your emails can be overwhelming, especially when your appointment book is constantly changing. The clinic can also lose out on profits if any reminder or confirmation emails are missed. By automating your reminder and confirmation emails, you will be able to free up more time to work on other tasks that need more attention (such as working on your newsletters).

You can also complete your newsletters in advance and schedule them to go out on a specific day. This way, you aren’t obligated to pause your tasks to manually send your newsletters. To do this effectively, plan how often you will send newsletters and what content you want to focus on.


With all that said, remember to always ask for your patient’s consent to send them newsletters to ensure you’re adhering to Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation. This ensure that your patients aren’t receiving promotions they don’t want and protects you from getting marked as spam. It can be difficult to successfully send emails once your email address gets blacklisted by service providers!

Having a strong email marketing strategy is key to growing your clinic during these times. Try to capture your audience’s attention with catchy headlines and valuable content. At the same time, also show your commitment to the community to build deeper connections. This would increase your email open rates, as your patients will want to see updates from you. Work smarter by automating your emails where you can, so that you can spend more time tailoring the promotions for your patients.

If you would like to learn more about email marketing and how our Paradigm Newsletter Module can help you, please feel free to contact us! Our team will be happy to answer your questions.