Paradigm Clinical: How to Increase Recares and Patient Retention

A nightmare for dentists would be for patients, new and old, to fall through the cracks and find another practitioner to look after their oral health. Therefore, recares are especially important to any dental office.

Fully integrating a patient into the recare cycle has become more streamlined and easier thanks to Paradigm Clinical’s innovative capabilities.

When dental office staff members use Paradigm Clinical, the software can tell them right away if a patient is in the recare cycle. Dental office staff members can then give a patient a friendly reminder if the patient is already in the recare cycle.

If a patient is not in the cycle, then one can input their information into the system and have Paradigm Clinical generate the number of recares that are available to the patient. The number of recares depend on a patient’s insurance information, as well as the call of a dental office.

Paradigm Clinical also lets users type recare notes, reminders, special coverage information, accounting notes, and patient notes into the system. In addition, these notes can pop up automatically if the dental office staff member wants them to do so.

Fully customizable, these notes help personalize each patient’s visit and increase the likelihood of them committing to a particular dental office as opposed to the competition.

Dental practice and management are made easy with Paradigm Clinical. To learn more about our innovative software, give our sales manager a call at 905-946-1477 or email Logic Tech at