Dangerous TikTok trends dentists should be aware of

The popularity of TikTok has skyrocketed since its debut, with more than 850 million active users each month. Of these active users, more than 100million are from North America. The appeal of TikTok lies in their delivery of micro-entertainment, consisting of short videos from 3-20 seconds. It also allows users to easily create their own content based on the most recent memes and trends.

While these videos have been a good source of entertainment, there have also been some concerning “beauty hacks”. Below are the dental hacks that have been trending that you should be aware of.


Trending TikTok dental hacks

Nail-filer teeth – video
User @acerendulicc posted a video that has been viewed more than 200k times. In the video she uses a nail filer to file down her teeth for a straighter look. There have since been more videos of users trying the hack.

DIY teeth whitening – video
Use @clauds244 is seen using 3% hydrogen peroxide to whiten her teeth. She dips a Q-tip into the bottle and applies it directly onto her teeth and shows the final results if her whitened smile afterwards.

Flossing with hair – video
User @unusualbeaut starts the video with eating blueberries and getting them stuck between her teeth. She is then seen using her hair to floss her teeth. Many praise this hack to be useful for when they don’t have floss on hand.

Nail glued fangs – video
User @muawk appears with her halloween makeup and nail-glue applied fangs. You can see her panic as the realisation sets in when she couldn’t remove the fangs easily. This video has been viewed more than 10M times!

It’s important to address these trends as soon as you can, especially with your younger, millennial patients. A great way to do so is to send newsletters to this group (or all patients) that cover the dangers and irreversible damage these hacks can cause.

Try doing so with our Newsletter module, which makes creating newsletters a breeze. All you have to do is pick a template, add your content and select who to send it to. If you want to create a series e.g. “DIY TikTok Dental Hacks DEBUNKED!”, you can create all the newsletters and use the scheduler to send them out for you at a later date.

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