Dental Practice Tips: The Importance of the Patient Recare Cycle

dental practice management software

Using Paradigm Clinical as your dental practice management software has many benefits, especially when it comes to patient retention and a steady flow of patients at any given time.

For instance, the dental practice management software has a built-in feature that tells you whether or not a patient is in your dental practice’s recare system. With this knowledge, you can ask your dental office staff members to be proactive in signing them up for the recare cycle.

This ensures that your patients do not fall through the cracks and decide to take their oral health elsewhere in an already saturated and competitive industry. Friendly reminders about wanting to see patients in the near feature can do wonders, as it shows how you genuinely care for their oral health as well.

Within the Paradigm Clinical dental practice management software, all you have to do is click on a patient to see their recare status. You can also input the number of recares the patients needs depending on their type of insurance.

With steady reminders and therefore a stream of dental patients visiting your office yearly, your practice would continue with its success.

To learn more about the Paradigm Clinical dental practice management software and how it can provide detailed statistics and recare information, email our sales manager at or call them at 1-800-655-5762.