Learning Paradigm Clinical for Dental Office Innovation

Every week, Logic Tech offers its Paradigm Clinical users free courses on how to make the most out of the software. These courses not only help with the foundations of using Paradigm Clinical but also helps with taking the organization of a dental office to the next level.

Educated dentists and staff members who know all the ins and outs of the software would be able to integrate patients into the management system quickly and easily. Patients themselves would also appreciate the office’s time-savvy and tech-savvy capabilities.

These free courses in Paradigm Clinical are available for current users of Logic Tech’s software. Along with these courses, taught by a stellar team of instructors at the company’s headquarters located in Canada’s technology capital, is an unlimited amount of telephone support and free program updates.

When there is a new user of Paradigm Clinical, whether such user is a veteran practitioner or a new dental office assistant, Logic Tech ensures they receive the best software training. There are a few ways to sign up for these courses: calling the Logic Tech office, emailing the company or booking a spot online via the company’s website.

Once a course is booked, all the Paradigm Clinical user has to do is arrive at Logic Tech’s headquarters. Once there, they simply need to confirm their attendance before heading upstairs to the company’s training facility. Users who are learning Paradigm Clinical do not need to bring their own laptops, as the training facility is equipped with computers and all the tools they need for the course.

There are three courses to choose from, with levels two and three needing the prerequisite of level one:

  • Level I – Paradigm Clinical Essentials
  • Level II – Recares, Insurance and Reports
  • Level III – Paradigm Clinical

At the first level, new Paradigm Clinical users learn the fundamental software. This includes lessons in booking and managing dental appointments, creating new patient files with insurance coverage, billing dental payments, creating daily reports in terms of the daily journal and bank deposits, creating monthly reports for patient and insurance accounts receivables, as well as generating production summaries.

The second level course focuses on recares, insurance, and reports. Paradigm Clinical users who take this course get more in-depth information about these areas. Not only do they learn how to find patient recares, but also how to find outstanding ones. Other lessons include learning how to detail patient insurance coverage information, how to maintain the program’s ledger, as well as how to do advanced reporting.

The advanced reporting lesson teaches one how to cancel and delete appointments, create a patient waiting list, schedule pending treatments, and how to see both active and inactive patients. Paradigm Clinical is also capable of showing users patients who have no future appointments. One more lesson in this particular course is how to use Paradigm Clinical’s online reporting tools in order to narrow down specific patient and scheduling details.

As for the third level course, it is designed to take all that one has learned from the previous courses and fully prepares a user for a paperless dental office. Once the course begins, new Paradigm Clinical users learn how use the odontogram charting, as well as perio charting. With the former, Paradigm Clinical users learn to track a patient’s existing conditions, treatment plans, and how many treatments they have had in the past. As for the latter, the courses teach users how to track bleeding, recession, pocket, attached gingiva, mobility, and furcation.

Further, in this third level course users learn how to effectively create and use clinical notes as well. Users will be able to return to their dental office and know how to keep precise records of process notes via templates and predefined text. Of course, in preparation of going fully paperless, new Paradigm Clinical users will learn how to scan existing patient files, too, which would eliminate the need for pulling up charts.

At the end of each course, there is usually a brief question and answer session for Paradigm Clinical users. These sessions are just as important as the courses themselves, as Logic Tech wants to ensure that all new users are comfortable with the software. However, if there are any further questions, our technical support team will always be there to lend a hand.