Paradigm Clinical: How to Streamline Workflow

Over the years, Logic Tech has made numerous innovations with its Paradigm Clinical dental management software. These upgrades have not only helped dentists with their practice, but also dental office staff members who now have a better, more efficient workflow. Of course, patients who book appointments can arrive at dental offices to get work done also benefit from Paradigm Clinical’s paperless and communication innovations.

One of such innovations is the creation and use of the iForm module. When a new patient arrives at a dental office, they no longer have to wait for papers to be printed out or struggle to find a pen and paper to fill out paper forms.

Thanks to Paradigm Clinical’s iForm module, patients can simple arrive at an office and fill out information paper-free using an electronic device. Once the information is filled out, the dental office staff member will have all they need to fully integrate the new patient to their secure Paradigm Clinical system.

At times, there are situations where a new patient has an urgent situation and require immediate attention. It is then up to a dental office staff member to fill out a new patient form as quickly as possible. With the help of Paradigm Clinical, it’s as easy as it’s efficient.

All they have to do is create a new patient account using the software’s Appointment Book. Everything that’s needed is on the user interface, including the time the patient arrived into the office, dialog boxes that ask for the patient’s name, a patient’s phone number, one’s dental insurance provider, and the type of dental work one requires.

After hitting the save button, the new patient information is in the system. The office staff member can then easily access the patient’s file again to modify and add more information once the patient is in less distress.

No matter what situation, dentists and their office staff members can depend on Logic Tech’s Paradigm Clinical software to have their back. It’s not just the software itself that is stellar, either — Paradigm Clinical users get unlimited support from Logic Tech’s hardware and technical support team, who are experts of the software’s programming.