Paradigm Clinical: Keeping Track of Appointments is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

At Logic Tech, we understand that a good user interface should be neat, organized, and very user-friendly. One of the first things our new users comment on is exactly this. Whether they are the dentist, dental hygienist, or office receptionist, Paradigm Clinical makes their jobs simpler and saves them time with how easy it is to keep track of appointments.

Paradigm Clinical has multiple displays on its appointment calendar. For instance, users can see which patients have bookings on a certain date, beyond the current date, and the weekly calendar. Paradigm Clinical users can even jump several months and years ahead when going through the calendar to help a patient book any future appointments.

Customization options are also available for the display dates and search tools. If a patient has specific dates, times, and even certain dentists they prefer, then Paradigm Clinical’s search function will find what and who is available. Patients who want to see their dentist as soon as possible can even be given the first available time and date.

Dental office staff members can also keep track of the time in 15-minute increments. This highlighted tracker goes down the appointment calendar throughout the day. Users can compare the time indicated by the tracker with a patient’s appointment time. This makes it easy for users to know if they should call for a follow-up if a patient misses their appointment.

The follow-up procedure is also made easy with the Paradigm Clinical interface. Users can simply drag and drop appointments to different times and dates, as well as set up patient recares. These recare dates can be automatically generated in Paradigm Clinical.

If a patient is not in the recare system yet, Paradigm Clinical knows this, too. This would then allow dental office staff members to sign them up for recares and increase patient retention.

With such an interactive and dynamic user interact that’s easy-to-use, dental offices who are using Paradigm Clinical have already reached the next level of their practice.

To learn more about Paradigm Clinical and its countless capabilities, give our sales manager a call at 905-946-1477 or email Logic Tech at