Paradigm Clinical: Bringing Clinical Solutions to Your Dental Office

dental practice management software

A  dental practice management software that has been used in dental offices across Canada for over 30 years, Paradigm Clinical prides itself in always providing innovative clinical solutions.

These solutions increases your dental office’s functionality and productivity through various features. For instance, its advanced Treatment Planning module has a colour-coded odontogram and periodontal charts that let you create and track your treatment proposals with ease. In particular, Paradigm Clinical’s odontogram lets you select from an inventory of tooth conditions and even shows accurate portrayals of teeth, which ultimately helps increase your dental office’s efficiency.

Paradigm Clinical’s Treatment Planning module can also create automatic reminders once a treatment plan is set in place. What this does is remind your dental office staff members to call patients before their next appointment. This, in turn, helps prevent unscheduled treatments.

In addition to the Treatment Planning module is the Clinical Notes module, which lets you document information for each patient effectively and efficiently. This module also helps keep your dental office staff members accountable, as their attention to detail is important to the health and safety of every patient.

Another solution brought to you by Paradigm Clinical is its I-Forms module, which lets your dental patients fill out a digital form on a tablet. This makes it easier for the administrative side of the office, as entering information has never been so easy and right at a patient’s fingertips.

To learn more about our Paradigm Clinical dental practice management software and its countless capabilities, call our sales manager at 1-800-655-5762 or email the Logic Tech team at