Paradigm Clinical: Three Awesome Social Media Tips For Getting Dental Office Reviews

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These days, the ability to get reviews for your dental office contribute to the success of your practice. The question, therefore, remains, “How do I get reviews?” As always, the Logic Tech team is here to help. Here are three awesome tips for getting reviews for your dental office.

1. Use Facebook to Communicate With Your Patients

Facebook has numerous users who are connected with their families, friends, and communities. It’s no question that there are users who want to connect with your dental office as well. Creating a Facebook page for your clinic is the first step toward creating that connection.

With Facebook, you can let your patients know about your dental clinic’s hours, inform them about news related to your practice and community, as well as encourage them to schedule an appointment.

Facebook also lets users give your dental office a star rating along with a review. Encouraging your patients to rate and review your page would, in turn, put your practice on the radar of potential clients.

2. Use Twitter to Connect With Your Patients

Twitter is also another social media platform that is useful in gathering reviews. Make sure your posts stand out with excellent photos and the right hashtags.

By following, liking, and retweeting content from industry leaders and your patients, you get to curate a Twitter feed that your patients will use as a news and information portal. Similar to Facebook, you can also use Twitter to inform your patients about dental office hours and available appointment times and dates.

Building a good reputation and dedicated following on Twitter lets you easily ask your clients for reviews as well. You can do this by creating a call to action and providing a link in your tweets.

3. Use Instagram to Inspire Your Patients

Instagram is a social media platform that connects you and your dental practice directly to your patients through likes, comments, and the user tagging system. You can share education videos about oral health, post inspirational quotes and photos related to the dental industry, and even showcase the behind-the-scenes of your office! Using Instagram effectively would let the friendliness and approachability of your dental office and staff members shine.

There are multiple daily tags that you can use to make the most of your posts as well. For example, consider posting a photo of you and your staff members or patients on a Thursday to highlight the #ThrowbackThursday hashtag. Or, use the #MotivationMonday hashtag to inspire your patients to book an appointment with you.

Of course, you can also ask for reviews on Instagram and provide an easy-to-understand image with a direct call to action. Feel free to be more creative with this platform, as photos that are clear and aesthetically pleasing tend to do well.

Want reviews that will rave about your dental office? Let the Logic Tech team help with their Paradigm Clinical dental management software! This software makes it so much easier to communicate and connect with your patients, book appointments, and even deal with insurance claims. Feel free to give our team a call at 905-946-1477 or email us at!