Paradigm Clinical: Three Useful Tips For New Dental Office Owners

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Establishing your first dental office can be a daunting task. However, it is the first step toward taking your practice to the next level and the Logic Tech team is ready to help you along the way. Here are three of our useful tips for new dental office owners.

1. Backup and Protect Your Database

Data security and integrity are two of the highest priorities for any dental practitioner and their office. In order to prevent the loss of sensitive patient data, as well as to prevent backlogs of extra work and large recovery costs, a secure backup plan is necessary.

Created to be proactive and not simply reactive, Paradigm Clinical offers its users a fully automated cloud backup service. This service backs up data not only during your dental practice’s office hours, but its after-hours, too.

Rather than the hassle of using a USB stick that can get lost, the cloud backup service ensures that your database is secure at all times. This database is encrypted as well, which ensures that the information is always safe. This is in compliance with the Ontario’s Personal Health Information and Protection Act and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. Furthermore, the encryption of digital and electronic records has been specifically referred to as a technical safeguard by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario and it is generally understood that such safeguards should be adopted.

Another way that Paradigm Clinical protects your office and your patients is by preventing fraud and detecting anomalies in the system. The software has an audit log detailing which patient’s information was searched, retrieved, and reviewed within the system. This ensures the integrity of your dental office staff members.

2. Register Your Patients for Recares

In order to ensure the stability of your dental practice, having patients within your recare system is a must. Recares not only increases a patient’s commitment to your office, but also takes their oral health into account with routine appointments.

Within Paradigm Clinical, you can immediately tell if one of your patients is in the recare system or not. If a patient is not in the system, you or the dental receptionist can easily speak with them about it when they either check in for an appointment or when they are in a call with you.

Once a patient has been put into the recare system, you will see a future date beside their information. This date refers to when they should come in for another appointment, which gives your dental office staff members a point of reference as to when to call the patient to both remind the patient and set up an appointment.

e reminders ensure that your patients don’t fall through the cracks and take their business to your competition.

3. Go Paperless with Your Notes

Saving office space and having information about your patients neatly categorized to where they belong becomes less of a hassle when your office is paperless. Backed up by a secure cloud service when using Paradigm Clinical, your patient notes within the system won’t be subject to loss and will always be where you want them to be located.

With the software’s Clinical Notes module, your dental office staff members will be able to write notes for each of your patients accurately and efficiently. This is because each patient gets their own space for their particular notes, which ensures that no mix-ups occur.

These fully digital Clinical Notes benefit the organization of the dental clinic as a whole as well, since they can keep your staff members accountable when they write them. This, in turn, ensures accuracy and improved patient care.

Establishing your first dental office is definitely no easy task, however, Paradigm Clinical and Logic Tech’s technical and hardware support team are ready to help you every step of the way.

To learn more about Paradigm Clinical, give Logic Tech’s sales manager a call at 905-946-1477 or send an email to