Paradigm Clinical: Championing A Seamless Integration

dental practice management software

An innovative dental practice management software, Paradigm Clinical prides itself in its seamless integration into any dental office.

With over 30 years of experience within the dental industry, the company behind the software, Logic Tech, has mastered the art of bridging software, as well as making upgrades and updates to dental offices happen quickly and easily.

For instance, Logic Tech’s technical support and hardware support teams are fully equipped to set up your dental office computers and get them ready for creating new appointments, as well as sending out electronic claims.

Imaging systems that the team can link your dental office to include, but are not limited to: Cadi, Capturelink, Cliniview/Apteryx, Dental Studio, Dexis, EVAsoft, Image FX, Kodak, Light Year, MyRay, Patterson, ProImage, Quickvision, Schick, Sidexis, SOPRO, and Vix

The Logic Tech team is also always ready to train your office staff members on the dental practice management software. For example, your staff members can book a training session and be welcomed into Logic Tech’s training facility located at Canada’s high-tech capital.

At the training facility, Logic Tech’s stellar instructors will teach your staff members all there is to know about using Paradigm Clinical. What’s more, fully equipped with desktop computers and the latest version of the software, the training facility provides everything that your staff members will need in order to learn how to use Paradigm Clinical.

To learn more about our Paradigm Clinical dental practice management software, as well as what the Logic Tech team can provide your dental office staff members in terms of training, call our sales manager at 1-800-655-5762 or email them at