Paradigm Clinical: Dental Practice Management Software With Cloud Backup and Data Security

dental practice management software

A couple of the most important aspects of dental practice management is the data security of your office and your patients, as well as the ability to have that data backed up safely.

As a dental practice management software, Paradigm Clinical brings dental offices across Canada a cutting-edge security manager and fully encrypted database. These not only protects your patients’ private information on all fronts, but are also in compliance with the Ontario’s Personal Health Information and Protection Act, as well as the  Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

Developed to be proactive, Paradigm Clinical both helps detect anomalies in the system, as well as prevent fraud. For instance, as part of the dental practice management software’s internal control feature, it has a log of which patient’s information was retrieved, reviewed, and searched, which ensures the integrity and accountability of your dental office staff members.

As for Paradigm Clinical’s fully automated cloud backup service, it can back up data even during dental office after-hours. This prevents prevents data loss, as well as backlogs of extra work and large recovery costs.

To learn more about our Paradigm Clinical dental practice management software and its innovative capabilities, email us at or call our sales manager at 1-800-655-5762. The Logic Tech team would be happy to help and answer all of your questions.