Paradigm Clinical: How to Gain More Dental Patients and Increase Dental Office Productivity

One of the many ways that Paradigm Clinical focuses on increasing dental office productivity is through patient reports. These provide dental office staff members with a list of patients who are not booked for future appointments and recares.

All the Paradigm Clinical user has to do is run the report, and the software would generate a list of patients. The user can then sort the patients by the date of their last visit.

The ability to now see the patients who are simply sitting in one’s database and who are not yet in the recare system is powerful. When the Paradigm Clinical users sees this list, they can start contacting these patients and get them to come in for a dentist appointment.

This helps the patients themselves as well, since they may not know all the details of their insurance coverage for which they are already paying.

As for walk-in patients, dental office staff members can run patient reports on Paradigm Clinical to know when to follow up with them. These phone calls have the ability to impress walk-in patients. When they are asked about their well-being via a follow up on their dental health, they would appreciate the care and concern a dental office has for them. The likelihood of these patients returning to the same dental office then increases.

When walk-in patients return to the office for another appointment, it is then the dental office staff members can more easily input them into the recare cycle, find out insurance details, and ultimately keep these patients as repeat visitors.

Dental office management is made easy thanks to Paradigm Clinical. To learn more about our innovative software and its countless capabilities, give our sales manager a call at 905-946-1477 or email Logic Tech at