Paradigm Clinical: The Benefits of On-site Training

Here at Logic Tech, we pride ourselves in our on-site training, which is available to Paradigm Clinical users on a weekly basis. Here is what to expect when users sign up for a training course and arrive at our headquarters on the scheduled time and date.

Whether you are a dentist, receptionist, or an office manager, once you step into the Logic Tech headquarters, our mission is for you to learn all the ins and outs of our Paradigm Clinical dental management software. After you sign in with our administrator and receptionist, you will be led upstairs to our training facility.

There, you will be provided with everything that you need for the entire duration of the course and your visit. Each computer in the room has already been set up with the latest version of Paradigm Clinical to make sure you and your office are getting the most up-to-date and accurate training.

You will also be provided with writing utensils and a notebook so you could take down some notes to bring back with you to your dental office.

There are different course levels for different Paradigm Clinical users, depending on their experience. The very first course, for example, gives you a clear overview of what our management software does and how you can conduct basic key functions like creating a new appointment and adjusting one quickly and easily.

Of course, you will learn the basics of filling out patient insurance information and how to conduct billing and accurate reports using the software. In this course, our instructors provide you with the foundations needed for the ones thereafter. For example, in the next level course, you will build on your training by learning how to set up patient recares, maintain an accurate ledger, as well as conduct advanced reporting.

The advanced reporting lesson covers cancelled and deleted dental appointments, waiting lists, as well as treatment plans and how to activate and inactivate patients.

During this particular course, our instructors will also train you on how to increase patient retention rates and make your dental practice profitable and manageable through Paradigm Clinical. With countless years of their own experience in our dental management software and seeing first-hand the interaction among dental offices, Paradigm Clinical users, and patients, our instructors are experts on how to keep your dental practice thriving.

Examples will be given to Paradigm Clinical users who come in for training, and, of course, any questions will be answered during a question and answer period. What’s fantastic about Logic Tech’s on-site courses is that the Paradigm Clinical users get a hands-on approach to learning and can use the software as they are learning it.

Online videos and written manuals can only do so much compared to the immediate responses our experienced instructors can provide you. Even after the training, Paradigm Clinical users can easily contact their instructors should they have any more questions.

At Logic Tech, we take your dental office to the next level with our on-site training method and specialized training facility. To sign up for a course, all Paradigm Clinical users have to do is give us a call at 905-946-1477. Similarly, our toll-free number is 1-800-655-5762. Users can also simply sign up for our courses by sending an email to