Paradigm Clinical: Running Important Daily Reports With Ease

One of the many dental management features of Paradigm Clinical is the ability to generate daily reports.

At the end of each day, dental office staff members can easily and quickly have Paradigm Clinical generate a day sheet, daily journal, bank deposit report, day end report, payment reconciliation summary, and even appointment confirmation lists.

These daily reports can be broken down by dental providers, as well as include a list of dental procedures and their costs. Giving this information to an accountant makes their job easier and increases their efficiency as well.

The bank deposit and reconciliation options, along with the day end option within the daily report also act as fail safes and extra security measures. These measures ensure that information is not tampered with, which increases accountability within a dental office and ensures a dental practice’s profitability.

Dental management is made easy and efficient thanks to Paradigm Clinical. To either learn more about or install our innovative dental management software and its endless capabilities, give our sales manager a call at 905-946-1477 or email Logic Tech at