Paradigm Clinical: How to Make Each Patient Visit Personalized and Memorable

Dental practitioners know that being able to keep a new patient goes hand-in-hand with getting referrals from their current ones. While a patient who is referred by another one will have high expectations of a dental office, so will somebody who has just moved to the area or is merely in search of a new practitioner who better suits their needs.

Making each patient visit personalized and special is an important part of patient retention and continued referrals. When a patient receives personalized greetings or messages, the patient will have a stronger connection and sustained loyalty with the office and its staff members.

Trying to memorize every detail about every patient is both difficult and time-consuming. However, Paradigm Clinical allows users to add and modify patient notes and upload images. This makes the task easier and saves valuable time.

Getting a reminder or knowing right away what a patient’s interests and hobbies are, for example, would lead the way for better conversations and rapport. This makes a simple visit to the dental office memorable and decreases the number of appointment cancellations and no-shows.

Paradigm Clinical has no limit as to how many of these notes and images may be written and uploaded. This allows dental office staff members to go into as much detail as needed in order to create a memorable experience.

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