Paradigm Clinical: Innovative Customization Capabilities

Paradigm Clinical users benefit from the already built-in job codes for dental work, as well as the ability to add to and customize them.

Users can access these job codes through various ways. For example, they can select the correct code while booking a new appointment, or even look into all the codes within the system. While the former can be easily done through the appointment book, the latter can also be easily done by going into the Files tab.

Once Paradigm Clinical users have accessed the job codes, they can then customize them. Users can modify each code’s description, add new codes, as well as deactivate and delete ones that their dental office does not require.

In addition to these options, dental office staff members can even customize the colour code for each job. This, in turn, can help everyone working at the office quickly identify and associate certain job colours and codes with their respective dental treatments.

Dental management is made easy thanks to Paradigm Clinical. To learn more about our innovative software and its countless capabilities, give our sales manager a call at 905-946-1477 or email Logic Tech at