Paradigm Clinical: Entering Payment Methods Made Easy

At Logic Tech, we are always proud to introduce dental office staff members to the countless benefits of using Paradigm Clinical as their management software. With over 30 years of experience and having our software installed in over 1,000 dental offices in Canada alone, we know what office staff members want when it comes to efficiency and user-friendliness.

One of such innovations we’ve made over the years is the ease at which one can enter a payment method within Paradigm Clinical. For instance, when a patient is finished seeing their dentist or dental hygienist, the dental office receptionist can then simply select the patient’s account and choose the form of payment. These forms of payment range from paying via a patient’s insurance company to upfront payment methods.

After inputting the payment amount, all the dental receptionist has to do is verify the payment date and fill in the necessary information boxes provided within Paradigm Clinical. Once the verified amount and everything else is filled in, one simply presses the “Confirm” button to complete the payment.

What’s fantastic about Paradigm Clinical is that this payment amount can be added to the digital ledger to be used for accounting purposes later. This makes the job of a dental office’s accountant easier and allows dental office staff members themselves to match up the ledger with daily and monthly reports, which ensures both accountability and the accuracy of earnings.

Paradigm Clinical continues to make an impact in dental offices across Canada by taking office management and efficiency to the next level. The Logic Tech team is always happy to answer questions, as well as educate its users on all of the ins and outs of the software.

Logic Tech can be easily reached at 905-946-1477. The company’s toll-free number is 1-800-655-5762, and the email for all interested dental practitioners is