Paradigm Clinical: How to Reduce and Manage No-Shows

One of the most impactful ways a dental practice can achieve success is by making patients become more reliable through the use of Paradigm Clinical.

An innovative dental management software, Paradigm Clinical lets dental office staff members upload images and information to improve each patient’s visit. Equipped with this information, the front-line staff members can easily build rapport with a patient by talking about hobbies and interests.

Being able to engage with patients is important, as it builds on social skills, reduces cancellations and no-shows, and ultimately increases a dental office’s profitability.

Paradigm Clinical also lets its users run no-show reports. This automatically generated report provides a list of patients who have not shown up for an appointment. With this list, a dental office staff member can begin contacting the no-show patients in order to remind them that the office is always there for them. This would show a patient how much a dental office truly cares about their oral health.

If a dental office staff member runs a no-show report and it shows a very long list of no-show patients, then one can let management know and easily help them understand the loss in profits due to low patient retention rates.

Facing this challenge with the help of Paradigm Clinical makes it easier to overcome. Dental office staff members may also be incentivized to contact the entire list of no-show patients via being treated to a team event once they reach their goal. This not only helps profitability as a whole, but also improves teamwork internally and improves the lives of those who require dental care.

Dental management is made easy with Paradigm Clinical. To learn more about our innovative software and its countless capabilities, give our sales manager a call at 905-946-1477 or email Logic Tech at