Paradigm Clinical: Introducing New and Innovative Features

paradigm clinical dental practice management software

Did you know that the Logic Tech team is always working hard to develop unique solutions to suit your dental office’s needs? 

Most recently, one of our many innovations is Paradigm Clinical’s auto-registration feature. This feature not only helps make your program registration so much easier, but with the newest version of Paradigm Clinical, it does all of it automatically. With this, your dental office staff members would have more time to better take care of your dental patients. Dental office efficiency is a key factor of running a good office, and with the time saved, this level of efficiency would increase. 

Another exciting and updated feature that’s now a part of Paradigm Clinical is the fee guide. Usually, you have to manually download and update your feed guilds given to you by the Ontario Dental Association. However, with the new update, Paradigm Clinical simply downloads the fee guide files for you automatically. To initiate these automatic downloads, all you need to do is have your Ontario Dental Association login information ready by your desk. If you would like help with the initial set-up process, then the Logic Tech team is only a phone call away.

Finally, Paradigm Clinical now has an improved EDI feature. We here at Logic Tech understand the need to quickly and accurately send out EDI in order to keep your dental business running. We also know that a lot of these insurance carriers you send out EDI to are now using COB. Paradigm Clinical is now very well-adjusted to this change.

Want to learn more about Paradigm Clinical’s new and updated features? Feel free to give our team a call at (905) 946-1477 or email our sales manager at