Paradigm Clinical: Stellar Training Sessions

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Here at the Logic Tech headquarters, we work hard to ensure that all your questions are answered on a timely basis, as well as make sure that you and your dental office staff members get the most out of their Paradigm Clinical training.

These training courses are not only a fantastic way to introduce your dental office staff members to the software, but also a way to help them become more effective and efficient when it comes to communication with your patients.

Our training facility, which is located at our headquarters in Markham, is equipped with everything you and your staff members would need to get started. All you have to do is show up at the location on the scheduled time and date. 

Once you check in, our receptionist would take you to the training facility, which is filled with computers, as well as the latest version of our Paradigm Clinical dental management software. 

As for our trainers, they are amazing at what they do, since they have had several years of experience with the software, and have been with Logic Tech through its many Paradigm Clinical iterations and updates. Our trainers would both share their knowledge of the software with you, as well as give you tips and tricks on how to let the software make the visits of your dental patients unique. 

Each course runs for about three hours. At the end of each lesson, you and your staff members will get to ask any questions about the program. Here at Logic Tech, we want to ensure that you leave our training facility with a clear idea of how our dental practice management software works and how it can directly help with not only the organization and management of your office, but also the effective communication with patients. 

To schedule a training session, give our receptionist and administrative assistant, Glendy, a call at (905) 946-1477. If you prefer to use email, then feel free to email the Logic Tech team at