Dental Practice Tips: The Importance of Patient Newsletters

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An effective way to increase patient retention rates is to increase the communication between between your patients and your own dental office. A way to do this is through patient newsletters.

Here at Logic Tech, we have been working hard to build a library of newsletter templates for an exciting and upcoming update. This will make it easier for dentists to inform their patients about important topics such as oral hygiene, oral health during pregnancy, as well as oral health care for infants. What’s more, these newsletters can also be used to promote your dental office’s services. 

These newsletters can be sent on a weekly or even a monthly basis, depending on the needs of your office and your patients. Once a newsletter containing important information and updates gets sent out, your patients get to stay up-to-date with your office, as well as feel as if they are truly part of a tight-knit community.

Your newsletters can be about a plethora of topics. For example, if you have hired a new dentist or hygienist, you can easily introduce them to your patients through an email newsletter. 

During that same introduction, you can also highlight what your new hire specializes in and their rates. Doing so would help generate traffic for your dental practice.

Another newsletter idea would be to share dental hygiene facts and tips with your patients. For example, if you know that a lot of your patients have trouble flossing, then you can feature articles about the importance of flossing, as well as share your own tips about proper oral health care.

Here at Logic Tech, our Paradigm Clinical dental management software is on its way to creating an exciting newsletter module with templates that you can use. To learn more, give Sandro, our sales manager a call at 1-800-655-5762. Alternatively, you can email him at