Dental Practice Tips: Effective Mobile Communication

paradigm clinical dental management software paradigm mobile

One of the most exciting updates that our innovative dental management software will have soon have is Paradigm Mobile. 

Launching this November, Paradigm Mobile will take your dental practice to the next level. As a dentist, it will allow you to access your office’s appointment book from anywhere and at any time.

Right at your fingertips, Paradigm Mobile will let you see the names of your patients, their phone numbers, as well as the time of their appointments. This technology and knowledge allows you to not only keep track of the efficiency of your dental office, but also lets you rest easy knowing that all is functioning well while you are away.

Paradigm Clinical continues to use the convenience of mobile phones to your advantage with its SMS text messaging module. This module lets your dental patients know the exact dates and times of their appointments, as well as sends them appointment reminders.

The text messaging module has recently gotten upgrade as well. This upgrade gives your patients the “add to calendar” option whenever they receive an SMS text message. The“add to calendar” option is also available through email reminders. 

To learn more about the Paradigm Clinical dental practice management software and its various reporting capabilities, email our sales manager at or call them at 1-800-655-5762.