We’re Launching COVIDform (for FREE)!

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how dental offices interact with their patients immensely. This includes the need to diligently screen patients before their arrival to reduce the risk of transmission. However, keeping track of your screenings can be time-consuming and cumbersome. This is why we are launching COVIDform – a feature of our upcoming module, Intelliform.


A better way to screen patients

COVIDform is a convenient paperless solution for dental offices to pre-screen patients for COVID-19 before they make an appointment and screen them again when they arrive. It provides a seamless experience between the office and the patient as it eliminates the need to print, sign, scan and sort physical forms.

COVIDform is also directly integrated with our Paradigm dental management software. This means you can send pre-screen, in-office, and consent forms to patients directly from Paradigm Clinical. The forms that have been sent will be automatically indicated in the appointment so that you don’t have to keep track of them. Once the patients fill in the forms, you can view them right from the appointment book.

By keeping all your saved responses in one place, you can keep a history and a log of those who have already been screened to meet the mandated industry standards.


FREE service until December 31, 2020

We know that COVIDform will be an integral part of the screening process for many dental offices during this pandemic. We also know that any expense that can be avoided during this time can make a significant difference to clinics.

Our intention is to help where we can, so we are offering COVIDform to all qualifying* offices free-of-charge until December 31, 2020.

*Available for all offices with My Contact Pro and 2-Way SMS

COVIDform requires Paradigm, and modules My Contact Pro and 2-Way SMS to work. As such, it will only be compatible with offices that have our dental software and both modules installed.

Please contact us for the installation in order to have it fully integrated with your Paradigm system and database.


Forum Support

Any questions or issues will be resolved through the Forum Support. Simply submit your inquiries to http://intelliform.ca/forum/ and quickly receive answers and solutions from our Intelliform Support team.

**Please note that any questions regarding COVIDform cannot be supported by our regular telephone support. Intelliform is a separate service supported by forum**

We’re so excited to announce our new feature in effort to help reduce COVID-19 transmission! If you have questions about COVIDform or Intelliform, you can give our office a call at (905) 946-1477 ext 2 or email us at sales@logictechcorp.com.

UPDATED: You can also find more details here!