Paradigm Clinical: ODA Approved and a Dental Industry Innovation in a Technologically Advanced Era

This year, the Logic Tech team attended the Ontario Dental Association’s Annual Spring Meeting conference. The event was held for three days, and Logic Tech got to showcase their newest Paradigm Clinical modules.

Numerous Paradigm Clinical users, both new and old, visited the Logic Tech booth and had a chat with our team. What the users were most curious about was Paradigm Clinical’s newest SMS text messaging modules. These modules were unlike anything the users have seen before, as they allowed them to send any number of messages to their patients and let their patients message them back.

As technology continues to advance in terms of computers, cell phone usage and the way the younger generations communication with each other and the world around them, so have dental offices. With Paradigm Clinical, dental offices all over Canada have already become paperless. With the implementation of two new texting modules, Paradigm Clinical only takes dentists, their offices, and their practice to the next level.

No longer do patients have to wait for a call back when they wish to either schedule or make changes to an appointment. Instead, they can simply send a text message back to their dental office to let them know any schedule changes and appointment requests. This hassle-free way of communication goes for dental office staff members, too.

With Paradigm Clinical, dental office staff members would no longer need to go through the time-consuming hassle of going through appointment books and peruse through heavy patient files before finding what they need. Instead, they can just open up Paradigm Clinical, find a patient’s information, and receive messages from a patient with a simple click of a button.

When visitors of Logic Tech’s booth experienced Paradigm Clinical for the first time, they were amazed at how truly paperless a dental office can be. Current users of Paradigm Clinical, impressed with the new SMS text messaging modules, went straight to the head of sales to talk about the next steps in terms of installation.

Throughout the duration of the Ontario Dental Association’s Annual Spring Meeting conference, Logic Tech’s innovative and paperless Paradigm Clinical software was able to pique the interest of dental students, new dentists, veterans of the dental industry, as well as those uninitiated with such a technologically advanced world.

Thanks to Logic Tech’s stellar technical and hardware support team, even the latter group of dental practitioners found comfort in converting their offices into something new and innovative.

Logic Tech was thrilled to meet up with those within the dental industry, as well as honoured to be part of the Ontario Dental Association’s Annual Spring Meeting conference. The company looks forward to continue showcasing and installing Paradigm Clinical to even more offices to come.